Assistez au concert de Rori et au concert de Lubiana le jeudi 24 mars 2022 au Delta.

1 ticket = 2 concerts !

The official YouTube channel of RORI. RORI is a singer from Belgium who took her first steps as an artist as part of the duo Beffroi. Their first single “Swim” was quickly pick up by the local radio stations StuBru and pure FM. With Beffroi, RORI performed at big venues and festivals such as Ancienne Belgique, le Botanique, Les Ardentes and Dour. In 2018, RORI started her solo project and made her debut as a solo artist in 2020 by releasing her first single “Gonna Get Mine”, she then quickly followed up with her second single “Truth Hurts”. RORI is one of the most exciting up and coming pop talents who combines her distinctive vocals with upbeat melodies.